Mitchell Cattini-Schultz

Hey, I'm Mitchell, and I'm an AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) graduate.
I completed the "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds" course during my 3 years of study.
This is my fifth year in studying games in particular and I have already completed three years of 3D modeling and animation and four years of programming.

More About Me

Below you can browse a few projects that I have developed during my time at AIE.


Blocky Swing

My friend and I developed a rage-inducing, 2D platforming game, simply named "Blocky Swing"

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Backyard Snowdown

Backyard Snowdown was produced by "Frankenfruit Studio". This game was the product of my 2017 end-of-year team game assignment.

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Real World Racer

Real World Racer was produced by "Real World Racers". This game was the product of my 2018 end-of-year team game assignment.

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Langton's Ant

A small project I created in Unity for a coding challange, but ended up taking it more seriously and released it on Steam.

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One of the many subjects that we covered in 2017 during my course was "steering behaviours ", we learned about the various steering behaviours such as: seek, flee, wander, flocking.

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Barefoot Engine

Back in (May-June 2018) we studied the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) using AIE's boostrap as the base of the engine, us students are programming the rendering capabilities of the engine. In my engine I have included 5 multi-textured models (4 of which are loaded from an obj and an accompanying mtl file), a custom phong lighting shader which lights each model, a particle system shader and a shader that handles the blended floor texture.

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Your Gallery

In the game "Your Gallary" you select photos that represent "What home means to you" to decorate a modern art gallery. Click the photos to find one you like.

PS.Code of Konami

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Six Million Dollar Vigilante Reloaded

Six Million Dollar Vigilante Reloaded was created during a game jam at AIE. This was a three-day game jam.

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