About Me

Hey, I'm Mitchell, and I'm an AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) graduate.
I completed the "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds" course during my 3 years of study.
This is my fifth year in studying games in particular and I have already completed three years of 3D modeling and animation and four years of programming.

My Goal

My current goal is to live and work in Japan as a games programmer.
To be able to work, earn a living, travel around the country and experience life as a Japanese resident.


Me in Japan! I am looking to enter the industry to utilize my current programming skill set:

I am also interested in the following fields and want to
improve my ability in them further:
Unreal Engine
Custom C++ Engines
Linux Command Line

When I'm not Programming

When I'm not programming I usually enjoy expanding my knowledge on whatever topic currently piques my interest. Currently it is mushrooms, there are many different types and it amazes me that they are so diverse and abundant, usually just a short walk into the bush.